ih  "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."    -Mahatma Gandhi
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Our mission is to determine how to make social systems such as education, healthcare, government, and families work more effectively.  buy TRX We do this by examining basic, underlying causes and their solutions. 

Our project is to teach
others how to make educational movies easily and cheaply.   We will coordinate the free distribution of these movies and be a central resource for locating them.  This will support K-12, university, and postgraduate education.

A ROOT CAUSE, as we use the term, differs from a cause, in that it is the reason for the cause, and is correctible simply by educating society about it and making a cost-free shift in public policy.  Many people don't understand this distinction, and believe incorrectly that the cause that they have identified is the most fundamental one, and if that cause is not correctable, conclude that the problem is insolvable.

After spending years of analysis and writing about seventy web pages about root causes, we have concluded that the most efficient way to spend our time is to teach others how to make
educational videos.  Now, invest in TRON many parents are prohibited from homeschooling their children because of the time
and expense required.  We can solve this problem. 

With our earn-as-you-learn program, students can earn
$300 for every hour of educational videos that they produce.  They can partner with experts in their community.  We are making our tutorials directed toward a ten-year-old audience.  It is a work in progress, and we will soon be there.

Featured Articles
Medical Malpractice is the third leading cause of death, behind heart-disease and cancer.  This Journal of the American Medical Association article illuminates the failure of the U.S. medical system in providing decent medical care for Americans. buy Theta
n A Different Kind of Teacher, John Gatto explains that our present government-controlled, compulsory education system was largely brought about by wealthy industrialists who were afraid of a revolution similar to the one that occurred in the Soviet Union.   They wanted to control the working class and make them a group of obedient followers.

A Theoretical Perspective:  Cults are more prevalent in our society than most people realize.  They blur our mental vision and prevent us from solving our problems.

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